Welcome! In these waning days of TS3 I have finally decided to dip my toes into the waters of storytelling. While I have played plenty of multi-generational games this is my first attempt at documenting one.

This is a fairly standard legacy game according to Pinstar’s rules, although I’m not super concerned about points and may play a liiiittle fast and loose when it comes to cheating, because this is my house and I can do what I like. As a witchacy, heirship will pass to the firstborn witch of each generation.

I’m playing with all EPs except Showtime and Into the Future and with most of the nraas suite of mods installed, plus a few others. If you want to know where a particular mod or piece of CC came from, just ask.

Also you should know that everyone in this family is gay. All of them. Gay as geese. If you think that’s unrealistic, well maybe you shouldn’t play a video game where you can own a unicorn and turn a ragdoll into a human being.

Still with me? Okay. On to chapter one, wherein we meet our founder.


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